Game of Tones - Region 14 3rd Place Quartet

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Three States, One Region, Three Choruses, One Quartet!

We are a fun loving group that loves to laugh almost as much as we love to sing!  We love it so much that we travel hundreds of miles to sing together!!! Our members proudly represent three choruses, Rejoyce Fitzgerald, our Bass, hails from Virginia Coast Chorus in Virginia Beach VA, while our Baritone Missy Wurthmann travels up from "down south" in Charleston SC where she sings with Southern Harmony Chorus.  Rounding out our treble clef are our Lead, Sarah Weil and our Tenor, Susie Smith both who are proud members of Carolina Harmony Chorus! Listen for Game of Tones as we harmonize on everything from traditional classic barbershop to pop tunes performed in the barbershop style.  After all... music is just a GAME OF TONES!