Visit Us

Come sing with us. We welcome visitors.

We rehearse on Tuesdays starting at 7:15 pm in Raleigh at the Masonic Temple at 1520 Caswell Street, near the intersection of Wade and Glenwood Avenues. We gather at 7:15 for warmups and sing until about 10:00. We end our evenings with a business meeting, a circle song, and some fellowship.  

If you're planing to visit, please either call us at 1-877-851-9188 or check our page on  to make sure that we will be in our regular location. 

Wear casual clothing and comfortable shoes. We stand on risers for most of the evening. Bring some water, too. We only ask that you not wear any perfume or heavily scented products to rehearsal. 

Our director will listen to you sing before rehearsal so she can put you next to a more seasoned singer who sings your part. After a few visits, if you decide you'd like to audition, we'll help you through that process. Come give us a try! 

Masonic Temple
1520 Caswell Street
Raleigh, NC